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Auto Defects & Rollover Accidents

Auto Defects & Rollover Accidents

Whether you are driving to work, traveling for vacation or making a quick run to the store, a split-second could change your life. A sudden collision or rollover can result in serious or permanent injuries. Facing hardships, you need legal help to hold the responsible party accountable and maximize your compensation.

At Glass & Tabor, our Oklahoma City personal injury lawyers even the odds for our clients by taking on insurance companies and corporations. In fact, we take on the car accident cases that other firms turn down, combining experience with a track record of success securing settlements and verdicts for economic losses and future needs, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

The Dangerous And Deadly Risks Of Rollover Accidents

Not all accidents are caused by inattentive or impaired drivers. Rollovers, roof crushes and roof pillar failures are often the result of unstable brake or suspension systems, tire blowouts from defective tire or treads, and other defective auto parts. Vehicles affected include passenger cars, trucks, SUVs, passenger vans and ATVs.

Fighting for maximum compensation means that we prepare all cases for trial, even though most accident claims are resolved through settlement. Victims left with permanent injuries or disabilities and families grieving the death of a loved one need that level of diligent and dedicated advocacy.

Take Action And Secure The Compensation You Deserve

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