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FMLA Violations

Understanding FMLA Leave

As an employee, you are protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act if you need to take unpaid time off work for certain family and medical-related reasons. If your employer does not follow the guidelines set out by the government and your leave or job is affected, you need an experienced attorney who knows how to right the situation.

At Glass & Tabor, our lawyers work tirelessly to make sure that the rights of employees are upheld. Based in Norman, we help employees in Oklahoma City and throughout the state. FMLA cases can be complex, and we have a reputation for protecting workers and securing positive settlements and verdicts. While our strategy is to always prepare for a trial, we are often able to reach a fair settlement through our ability to negotiate.

Examples Of Illegal Conduct

A covered employer must follow the federal regulations with regard to giving you, as an eligible employee, protected leave. Some ways that employers may violate these regulations include:

  • Encouraging you not to take advantage of FMLA leave
  • Not authorizing eligible leave time
  • Applying FMLA absence to a no-fault attendance policy
  • Changing your work hours to avoid authorizing leave
  • Using FMLA leave as a reason to take disciplinary action against you or deny you a promotion
  • Workplace discrimination based on pregnancy

Our firm can protect you if you were eligible for FMLA leave, and your employer violated one or more of the regulations. We have 20 years of experience and knowledge about the state and federal employment laws, and our attorneys know how to develop successful strategies that improve your chances for a positive outcome.

Learn Your Rights

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