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Birth Injuries

Compassionate And Aggressive Representation For Birth Injuries

Complications arise in labor and delivery, but the doctors and nurses should anticipate the problems or know what to do. Improper technique or excessive delay in an emergency situation can cause irreversible harm.

You have our sympathies if your infant was injured or if you lost your baby. We can only imagine how heartbroken you are. Our legal team is committed to holding medical providers responsible if further investigation reveals that the injury or death could and should have been prevented.

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When Does A Birth Injury Result From Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice means that a medical professional’s negligence caused injury to a patient. Several types of mistakes (considered to be medical malpractice) made by doctors or nurses can lead to birth injuries. Our attorneys have obtained notable recoveries for different types of medical negligence, including cases involving infants and newborns:

  • Brain damage (cerebral palsy) from oxygen deprivation during childbirth
  • Nerve damage (Erb’s palsy) when extracting a baby stuck in the birth canal
  • Untreated complications of premature birth or neonatal care

We review the medical records with experts who can attest that the obstetrician (OB-GYN) used improper force or the wrong technique, failed to perform a C-section in time, or otherwise caused or allowed the injury. We also hold nurses, technicians and hospitals accountable for tragic outcomes from failure to identify fetal distress or failure to monitor newborns.

Do You Suspect Malpractice?

Birth injuries are not always foreseeable or the result of negligence. But if you are not satisfied with the answers of what happened to your baby, contact our law office to arrange a free consultation.