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Bad Faith Denial Of Tornado Claims

Bad Faith Denial Of Tornado Claims

If your house was in the path of destruction but your tornado damage claim was denied, you are not alone. There are many other homeowners like you who survived the storm only to be tossed and tumbled by their insurance carrier.

You may have grounds to sue the insurer to recover your losses, plus punitive damages. The insurance bad faith lawyers of Glass & Tabor have specific experience with bad faith lawsuits in tornado cases. Based in Norman, we have successfully represented clients in Moore, Oklahoma City and throughout the state.

What Constitutes Insurance Bad Faith?

The insurer has a duty to investigate your claim without bias and to compensate you fairly for the losses covered under your policy. We represent homeowners and business owners who purchased protection for storm damage or specific tornado insurance coverage. Some insurance companies are diligent in collecting the monthly premiums but reluctant to pay claims when an actual tornado hits.

  • As an example of bad faith, we represented a family whose home was on the edge of the tornado’s path. Although the winds shifted the house on its foundation and the home was uninhabitable, the carrier denied the claim as not storm-related!
  • In another case, the insurance company sold excessive policies to homeowners in the aftermath of the first tornado at Moore, but then denied claims when the second tornado struck in 2013 — and continued to collect exorbitant premiums after a client’s home was demolished!

What Are Your Legal Remedies?

Our attorneys will examine the language of your policy, the damage to your home and the insurer’s reason for denial. We bring in our own expert witnesses; experienced inspectors who can counter the insurance adjuster’s evaluation. If we cannot reach a fair and reasonable resolution of your valid tornado claim, we will initiate a bad faith lawsuit and follow through. If you win, the insurer will have to pay the actual losses per your policy limits, plus punitive damages for your hardships and their dishonesty. Punitive damages are determined as a factor of the insurance carrier’s net worth.

We take pride in helping ordinary citizens stand up to big insurance companies. You only wanted what was fair and right. If you believe your claim was unfairly denied or devalued, call us at 405-360-9700 or contact us online. There is no cost to have your case evaluated and you do not owe attorney fees unless we recover a settlement or judgment.