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Experienced Lawyers Who Fight Back Against Sexual Harassment

As an employee, you have certain rights while on the job, and a workplace free of harassment is one of them. If you are among the many Oklahoma residents subject to a hostile work environment, or if you have reported instances of harassment to your employer, and he or she turned a blind eye, Glass & Tabor can work to hold your harasser or employer accountable.

Our attorneys are extremely well-versed in the many nuances of state and federal employment, harassment and discrimination laws. We use our broad knowledge of the Oklahoma Anti-Discrimination Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to identify where your rights were violated and argue the facts of your case.

Defining Sexual Harassment

Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other physical or verbal actions that are sexual in nature, and used as conditions of employment, or the basis of employment decisions, constitutes sexual harassment. Our lawyers can assist you if you have been subject to harassment at the hands of:

  • An employer
  • A supervisor
  • A business owner
  • A co-worker
  • A client or customer
  • A vendor

Regardless of who is harassing you at work, you are protected in your right to report the behavior. Your employer is prohibited from retaliating against you for making such reports, and our firm can assist you in the event that he or she attempts to do so. Having 20 years of experience, we have an established reputation as skilled litigators.

If you are experiencing workplace harassment, begin documenting the acts as early as possible and to the fullest extent possible. The more evidence you have, the better the chances that we will be able to demonstrate a pattern of behavior, add credence to your claims, and develop appropriate strategies to improve your chances of a positive result. We will work with you, providing guidance and strong advocacy to protect your rights.

Ensuring Fair Treatment

To learn more about Glass & Tabor and how we can assist you in protecting your workplace rights, contact our lawyers for a free initial consultation by calling our Norman office at 405-360-9700 or getting in touch online. We serve clients throughout the greater Oklahoma City metro and across the state.