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Premises Liability

Premises Liability

Many Oklahoma lawyers won’t take slip-and-fall cases because the standard of proof is so high. At Glass & Tabor, we don’t take every case, but we have prevailed where other firms fear to tread.

If you were seriously injured because of dangerous property conditions, our personal injury attorneys can evaluate your possible premises liability lawsuit. We have obtained good recoveries for clients in slip-and-fall and negligent security cases on behalf of clients throughout Oklahoma.

Successful Representation For Slip-And-Fall Accidents

To win damages, a person must show significant injuries and a serious safety hazard that the owner created or failed to address. We have represented many elderly clients who suffered bone fractures when they fell. You might also have a good claim if you suffered a concussion, facial injury, back injury, torn ligaments or other injury resulting in substantial medical bills, lost wages and lasting disability or disfigurement.

We have brought claims against Walmart and other retailers, grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and owners of parking lots and apartment buildings. Contact us if your slip-and-fall accident involved:

  • Squished food or spilled liquids
  • Broken stairs or railings
  • Tripping hazards in a walkway
  • Snow or ice on steps and sidewalks
  • Dim lighting
  • Code violations (drop-offs, uneven stair treads)

Our role is to demonstrate that the owner knew of the danger or should have discovered it through routine maintenance and inspection, and to quantify your losses and future needs in a claim for damages.

We also evaluate claims against property owners for injuries or assaults from negligent security, as well as claims against homeowners for serious dog bites.

Do You Have A Claim? It Costs Nothing To Find Out.

We handle slip-and-fall injuries in Norman, Oklahoma City and beyond. Call Glass & Tabor, at 405-360-9700 for a free consultation, or use our online form to tell us about your accident and one of our premises liability attorneys will get back to you.