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Emergency Room Errors

Maximizing Compensation For Emergency Room Errors

When a person is taken to the emergency room, or decides to go on his or her own, there is obviously a serious medical concern. The need for focused care at such an important time is often critical. However, understaffing issues, the volume of patients and in many situations, the lack of a long term doctor-patient relationship may all lead to oversights or other medical mistakes.

For instance, a patient experiencing chest pain may get a medical review that suggests something as minor as indigestion. The patient is sent home, only to find that the medical testing and diagnostic procedures were inadequate to diagnose a serious heart condition. Mistakes may involve improper triage measures, creating delays in treatment before an acute medical condition turns into a life-threatening situation.

The Resources And Experience To Fight For Results

At Glass & Tabor, in Norman, our lawyers have a strong track record of obtaining results for individuals and families who have suffered serious harm due to medical negligence. Hospitals and their insurance providers have vast resources to challenge claims of negligence. Our attorneys level the playing field. We serve victims of medical malpractice as a powerful resource to fight big businesses and hold wrongdoers liable for the harm their negligence has caused.

Emergency room errors can arise do to a variety of circumstances. Common problems may include:

  • Improper training and understaffing issues
  • Inadequate diagnostic equipment or facilities
  • Delayed treatment due to excessive time spent in the waiting room or triage mistakes
  • The failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis
  • The failure to admit a patient to the hospital
  • EMT mistakes committed during ambulance transport
  • Medication errors, including providing wrong drugs, improper dosages or improper drug interactions
  • Surgical errors

Obtaining an experienced trial lawyer who has a strong command of Oklahoma medical malpractice law is critical after suffering harm. Since 1998, Glass & Tabor has stood as a formidable law firm. We do the hard work beginning on day one to investigate and prepare each case to maximize compensation. When big business interests refuse to negotiate a fair and just settlement — we are fully prepared to go to trial. Our reputation for our willingness to actually try cases sets us apart as a premier Oklahoma City area law firm. We fight to maximize compensation through verdict or settlement and to help victims obtain closure after suffering from medical mistakes.

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